Google Desktop 5.9.1005.12335

New Changes

· Support for Google Gadgets 
· Improved indexing 
· Option to remove deleted files from search cache 

Technical Details

Title: Google Desktop 5.9.1005.12335
File-Size: 1.92 MB
File-Name: GoogleDesktop-5-9-1005-12335.exe
Release-Date: 2010-05-26
OS-Support: Windows 2000 / XP
Languages: Multilanguages
License: Freeware

About Software

Google Desktop is the Sidebar, which holds several common Gadgets and resides off to one side of the desktop. The Sidebar is available on the Windows and Linux versions of Google Desktop. The Sidebar comes pre-installed with the following gadgets:

Email – a panel which lets one view their own Gmail messages.

Scratch Pad – here the user can store notes; they are saved automatically

Photos – displays a slideshow of photos from the My Pictures folder (address can be changed)

News – shows the latest headlines from Google News, and how long ago they were written. The News panel is personalized depending on the type of news you read.

Weather – shows the current weather for a location specified by the user.

Web Clips – shows updated content from RSS and Atom web feeds.

Google Talk – If Google Talk is installed, double clicking the window title will dock it to the sidebar.

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