dotConnect for MySQL 8.4.478

New Changes

LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to MySQL)
  • The possibility to use .IsRowVersion() method for properties with non-binary data types when using the fluent mapping approach is added
  • The bug with the materialization of anonymous types is fixed
Entity Developer
  • The Use ObservableCollection property of the DbContext template is implemented (Entity Framework models)
  • The behaviour is changed: now the 1:1 and 1:0..1 associations are displayed differently on the diagram (LinqConnect models)
  • The bug with adding LinqConnect template for C# after adding the WCF RIA Domain Service template (Visual Basic) in Visual Basic projects is fixed (LinqConnect models)
  • The bug with non-generated .IsRowVersion() method for entity properties with IsVersion = True when using the fluent mapping approach is fixed (LinqConnect models)
Entity Framework support
  • The bug with throwing System.NullReferenceException when applying logical OR operator to the results of several IEnumerable<T>.Contains(T t) is fixed

Technical Details

Title: dotConnect for MySQL 8.4.478
File-Size: 63.1 MB
File-Name: dcmysql8.4.478.exe
Release-Date: 2015-08-20
OS-Support: Windows XP , Windows 7 , Windows vista , Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 ,Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit )
Languages: Multilanguages
License: Commercial Trial

About Software

dotConnect for MySQL, formerly known as MyDirect .NET, is an enhanced ORM enabled data provider for MySQL that builds on ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing MySQL-based database applications.

It introduces new approaches for designing application architecture, boosts productivity, and leverages database applications.

The tool supports Entity Framework, NHibernate, and LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to MySQL).

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